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About Lille Spendabel

Hi guys

We are Abel and Aksel and we are Lille Spendabel. 

It all began with our moms wanting something different for us, and they really thought the boys departement was lacking cool clothes. They started sewing and before they knew it, they had people asking for clothes for their kids too and all of the sudden a lot of other kids were walking around in our comfy handmade clothes.

All clothes are made in Denmark in soft and stretchy cotton fabrics. All of our printed fabrics are even GOTS certified from our manufacturer in Turkey.

So here we are - a brand on the move still trying to find out who we really are and where we want to go, but oh boy is the journey exciting and we are so happy that you want to join us.

If you want all the news and cool inspo, our Instagram account is the place to be. Follow @lillespendabel or Lille Spendabel on Facebook.

We hope that the shop will bring you joy, and we look very much forward to getting to know you better.

Please enjoy.

Sincerely yours

Abel and Aksel